Sunday, April 10, 2011

Coupon Crazy!!

Okay so last week I watched the new show on TLC "Extreme Couponing" and I cannot understand how these women/families do it.  Like seriously how do you go the grocery store, rack up a $1900 shopping cart, and walk away paying just over $100.  In the last few months I have really started looking for good coupons to cut out and help save some money. I would use a few on my shopping trips but never really thought more than that.  After seeing previews for this show it peeked my interest and over the last couple weeks I have really started cutting out and printing coupons. Once I have them cut out I put them in my little accordian file folder...


So I sit and I plan my shopping trips; I look over the circulars and online deals to see what is the best deal and where.  While doing this I manage to find great deals on items that of course I DON'T need!!! I put my list together, gather all my "great" coupons and head out for my big Extreme Couponing Trip!  On my last few trips I have managed to save close to $100 each time with using coupons and instore savings.  Now to me saving $100 is great but these women on this show are saving double triple, even ten times the amount that I am saving.  So my question is how they do it?  Another question is why they need to stock up so much that their stock piles of grocery items take over bedrooms, closets, basements and entire homes.  I know that stocking up on certain things is nice because if you happen to run out of something you can just go into your pantry (or whereever) and get it rather then heading to the store.  However, buying 32 containers of Maalox and 62 bottles of French's Mustard is WOW crazy!!! 

I have been looking around at different blogs and coupon sites to find tips and tricks that will help with this new hobby.  For now here are helpful websites and blogs off the TLC website that I found a bit helpful.  I don't really need stock piles like the ones above but I would love to save on things that I use everyday and keep to my monthly budget. 

Get Tips from TLC's Extreme Couponers

Calling all couponers! Wonder how they do it?! Visit the websites of the extreme couponers from the show and get their tips.

Couponing & Shopping on TLC Family

Here's everything you'll need to know to leave the store with the best savings for you and your family. Check out a few TLC Family articles below.
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