Monday, June 13, 2011

She's about to...POP!!

So I know it has been like over a month since the last time I blogged but I have been putting a lot of my creativity into my brother and future sister in laws baby shower.  The shower was this weekend and everything turned out great.  

There are so many great ideas for baby showers and lots of directions I could have went in.  They found out they were having a girl and she is due in August so that helped me decide on my color scheme.  We went with pink, yellow, orange, and green.  But for the theme I was inspired by one of my girlfriends daughter's birthday party.  She did a polka dot party and I thought the idea was really cute so I searched online for ideas that would coordinate with the dot theme.  I found the cutest idea...She's about to...POP! After I looked around I found a blog that had just featured a baby shower with the same theme.  So I went with some of the ideas that they used.  Here is how everything turned out!!

The invitations were P.I.Y. (print-it-yourself) from Pen n' PaperFlowers Studio & Design on Etsy.  She had a similar design and I just asked if she could change the colors for me and here is how they turned out!

Here are some pictures of decorations and little pops of color that we had through out the hall where we had the shower.  

My bubble collage on the wall, made of extra plates that we had.  I made three collages through out the hall.  They turned out really well and added some color and POP to the hall!

 Here is the lollipop tree/plant I made.  I bought a styrofoam ball and dum dums, then painted the ball pink and stuck all the lollipops in and voila!!

I made labels for the soda bottles that said Soda Pop, 
Diet Soda Pop, Dr. Soda Pop and Lemon-Lime Soda Pop!

 The favors that we gave to our guests were little jars of bubble bath, tied with It's a Girl ribbon and then I printed stickers to place on the top of the jars.

Included with the invitations we asked the guests to bring items for Tina's wishing well.  I purchased a couple of baskets and totes for the baby and then used them as the wishing well.  Another idea that I had thought about was putting the baby's pack n play out and we would put everything inside that, you could also use a piece of furniture that will be going in the babies room and have all the wishing well items placed in the drawers and shelves of the furniture.  

You may have noticed all the daisies on the tables.  We used daisies for two reasons; one they are Tina's favorite flower and two they were her grandmothers favorite flower as well.  In memory of her grandmother we placed them on all the tables.  They added a fresh feeling to the room as well as a personal touch for Tina and her family.  

I love diaper cakes and other decorations that can be made from baby essentials.  So in addition to the real cake I made two diaper cakes and a few lollipops made from washcloths, stockings, and onesies.  

I used Gerber daisies to decorate the cake with because they are Tina's favorite.  


I made cupcakes for the shower that did not turn out how I wanted at all.  I made homemade icing and since it was so hot it wouldn't thicken.  They tasted great but were not that pretty.  (Red velvet and cream cheese frosting)

I made labels for all the food using the same theme idea of popcorn, cheese pop-ems, spinach strawberry poppyseed salad, etc.  We tried to have items with the word POP in them.  

I had to add a picture of my baby girl who was an angel during the shower!

And here is the mama to be and some of her goodies!!

The shower was great and everything turned out the way we had imagined.  Planning the shower was a lot of fun and now I have more ideas for other showers and parties.  I'll definitely be using them in the future and if you need help maybe I have some ideas to help you out.  All you need is a little inspiration and you can make anything work.  


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