Monday, March 21, 2011

Family Room Accents

My family and I moved into our house last summer and are slowy getting each room done.  A few months ago my friend Katie created a design board on her  blog for my family room.  We picked a bold color for an accent wall and the rest of the room is kind of dull.  Katie had some great ideas for our room and so that is one of my new projects. Here are some pictures of our family room before. 

The room doesn't look very different...yet!  I have been slowly picking things up for the room.  I purchased the fabrics for the window treatments and pillows.  Along with some frames and accent pieces.  I wanted to share one of the accent pieces. I was at AC Moore the other day and spent probably an hour and half walking around the store.  They had all of the spring decorations out and I got some great ideas for Easter and Spring decor.  I also picked up a few things for our family room.  Here is the accent piece I made the other night...

My Supplies
an 8" wooden hoop

I stretched the fabric over the smaller of the two pieces of the wooden hoop then placed the other wooden piece over the fabric to secure it tighty in the hoop. (above)  Then I trimmed the excess fabric off.  (below)

 After trimming the fabric off I went to the front and using a pencil wrote the letter W on the fabric.  You could do this with any letter.  Our last name is Wentz so I thought this would be a nice personalized accent for our room.

 I then took the buttons and thread and sewed each button on covering the letter W I had written.

 Here is the final project below. Also in this picture is a print of "House Rules" that I had done in the yellow accent color and then framed to match the black-brown wood in the room.  

This crafty accent it is super easy; you can use any fabric and any design you would like to make it your own.   

I hope you enjoyed this and try it for yourself!!


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