Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Spring where are you Spring??

I recently purchased a magazine with lots of great spring and Easter crafts and decorating ideas.  Later I went online and starte poking around some blogs and websites to find more fun ideas.  Even though it still feels like winter here in NJ there isn't any reason why we can't get ready Spring and all the fun it has to bring.  Here are some of my findings:
from Family Circle:

Ok so I love framed prints...this Easter Print below when framed looks so nice as a seasonal decoration.  I will definitely be printing this out and framing it for this Easter. 
If you like click --> Easter Print.

Along with these fun crafts there is also lots of yummy foods that come with spring and summer.  I love this time of year because everyone has been couped up in their houses all winter and want to get out; so there are lots of parties and little get togethers.  What would those little shindigs be without some fun and delicious snacks. 
Here are a few I can't wait to try:

Easter Bonnets from the awesome Bakerella!!

 So I included just a few of the many yummy sweets and fun Easter/spring crafts I found.  I hope you enjoyed them and felt inspired to maybe try one or two.  I know I will trying some of these out and will post about them when I do.  If you decide to try one of these or something else please share I would love to see and hear you ideas. 


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