Thursday, March 31, 2011


Since I am still new to blogging and new to some of you I wanted to tell you a little about myself.  So here are 26 (my age) little interesting/not so interesting facts and details about me and what I LOVE!

1.  I love GOD!  He is number one in my life; by His grace and mercy I am saved.  He has blessed me with everything in my life, a loving family, an amazing husband, beautiful children, a blessed life through and through and I am so thankful!!!

2.  I love Shawn, my husband of 5 1/2 years, more than words can express.  He completes me and we are truly best friends.   The last decade and a little more of my life has been blessed with him in it and he is just so awesome and such a great husband and daddy!!!

3.  I love my two beautiful children Cole and Reese!  I loved being pregnant with them, and now I love being with them every minute watching them grow and learn.  I learn new things everyday with them.  I am a better person because of them and I see life in a new way.  It wasn't until I became a mommy that I truly understood what true unconditional love is.  They make me smile everyday and just make life so much better!

4. I love my family.  Family is so important to me.  I have awesome parents/in laws and family that I would do anything for.  We have lots of get togethers and  just great times just hanging out.  Though I see my family often I would like to see them more often and make more time for the people that I don't see that much!!

5.  I love my friends.  New and Old. There is nothing like a true friend and I am blessed to have ones that I have known since I was two and ones that I just met over the past couple years. 

6.  I love to dance.  I am not a professional by any means but I love to just let loose and dance!  In the mornings I put on music and me and my kids dance around together.  Reese just started rocking back and forth and clapping when the music comes on; Cole jumps up and down with me and dances all around.

7.  I love to sing.  That the shower or when no one else can hear me lol.  Maybe around the kids but no one else.  It's nice to belt a note out here and there and pretend like it sounds good. 

8.  I love to travel.  Let's see where have I been...the first time I flew was in my senior year of HS so...I have been to Florida, Utah, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and my favorite Hawaii!!  My three favorite trips were my honeymoon to Hawaii, our family trip to Disney/Florida and our latest trip to Smoky Mtns. Tennessee.    Now that we have a trailer we plan on doing a lot of traveling!! 

9.  I love TV.  I know it's horrible but I am hooked on design shows, cooking shows and the worst Reality TV. 

10.  I love cooking.  I would love an infinite budget to go to the grocery store and home stores to buy all the best/fresh foods and cooking supplies to make the gourmet meals I see the chefs on TV make.  I am planning on taking a cooking course in the fall to expand my knowledge a little more; it should be lots of fun.

11.  I love taking pictures.  Usually my camera is sitting close to me so I can grab it to take a picture of whatever it is my kids are doing.  That is another class I would like to take. 

12.  I love exploring my crafty side.  Lately I try to make my own home decorations, in particular holiday decor, but really anything for any room.  I got a sewing machine for Christmas and finally got it out yesterday and started on my family room pillows. Next week I will start on the curtains.  (keep an eye out for that post)  Crafts are fun and a great way to relax.  I look forward to having the kids do crafts with me in the future!!

13.  I love sweets.  Cake, ice cream, cookies, fruits, cheesecake, mmm I am making myself hungry writing about it. 

There are 13 things I love, while there are lots are 13 more random things about me.

14.  I am a night owl.  I might be dead tired but I like to stay up late.  (but then I also like to sleep in :) )

15.  I have never broke any bones.  I fractured my nose once but never broke anything. 

16.  I am afraid of heights, though getting better.  I don't mind flying but am scared of the ferris wheel. 

17.  I thing yellow mustard is so gross, I can't even stand the smell of it.  But I will eat dijon, honey mustard, and the spicy horseradish mustard from the Pretzel Factory.

18.  My belly button is pierced twice, though I took them out when I got pregnant, and I had my ears pierced three times on each side. 

19.  I want to run the Pitman Fourth of July race this year.  I have wanted to do it the past few years but have been pregnant the past few years and haven't been able to.  We'll see if that actually happens this year!

20.  My favorite movie is Dirty Dancing.  I used to watch it with my dad when I was little.  I could watch it a hundred times and still want to watch it again. 

21. My first concert was the NKOTB when I was five years old.  My dad took me and all I can remember is being deaf for the few days following the concert (well it was probably only a couple of hours but whatever I was five)  When I was pregnant with Cole I saw them again in concert with my sister in law.

22.  I have a degree from Rowan University in Communication/Writing Arts that I will most likely never use.  I'm not even why I chose that for my major.

23. When I was in college I was in a sorority Sigma Delta Tau for all of about five minutes.  I got into the sorority and then transferred schools so never really did anything with the girls.  Actually I was never really cut out for the whole sorority scene. Not there is anything wrong with it I just didn't quite fit in with those girls. 

24. I can, or should I say I used to, eat some tacos.  When I was a little girl my step dad and I would go taco for taco and see who could eat the most.  I used to be able to eat at least 7 or 8 tacos at a sitting, sometimes more.  Now if I did that I would prob throw up.   

25.  When my friends and I were in middle school and high school we would have lots of sleep overs and one thing I remember that I laugh about every time I think of it is the time we folded one of my friends in a pull out couch and pushed her down into the couch.  Such a bad idea!!!!  But at the time it was hilarious.  She got stuck and we could see her pounding on the cushion but we were laughing so hard we could barely pull her out.  Again such a bad idea!!  wow great times! She got out and was fine, I don't think we ever did that again. 

26.   And my last little factoid is....I am scared to death of spiders and centipedes, daddy long leggers are probably the worst!  I am getting better but I still get freaked out when I see them.  In our last house we had spiders that were huge and they would crawl around while we were sister in law found two in her bed one night OMG I would have died.  Anyway on that note I probably won't be able to sleep tonight but oh well!

Thanks for reading about my oh so interesting life!  And don't forget today is April Fools day so be sure to try and fool someone! 



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